Wanting to sell the Classic / Old mini that has been in the garage for years?

Active buyers of any old Mini – whatever the car’s age or condition. We are more than happy to collect from any location within the UK. We appreciate that you may have had the idea of clearing the garage of that old car but the though of the logistics fills you with dread.

The chances are that the car is a reminder of good times and the thought of someone picking it up with a crane and taking it off to the crusher, is too much to bear. Any old car be it a old Mini, an old Ford, Austin, etc deserves respect and the chances are the car could be restored to its former beauty. If you have such a car please let us know, we will deal with getting the car rolling and sympathetically move it for future restoration.

We are also able to offer other car dealers / main dealers the ability to underwrite any Classic mini that you are offered in Part Exchange against your current stock. Being specialist Classic mini dealers you will probably obtain a higher valuation from us compared to your usual trade sources.

We have close ties with an American Mini Specialist, whose is continually looking for any older style Mini, we can arrange shipping on your behalf if required. The American market is slightly different to the UK, so please let us know if you have something a little different to sell!

You will find us very easy to deal with, we will initially ask you for a few pictures and we will arrange a convenient time to come and visit you and the mini. We will arrange all the transport and again arrange a collection time that is convenient to you. Monies will be paid directly into your nominated bank account at least 24 hours prior to the collection taking place.