Selling an old Classic Mini…or any other old car

For whatever reason you may have an old mini  that has been in the garage for years, there has probably been the occasional thought of selling it ‘one day’. Maybe you pretend it isn’t there anymore, it may hold sentimental value or perhaps every time you consider selling it there’s the questions of ‘how on earth do I get it moved with flat tyres?’, ‘can I sell this car without all of its paperwork?’ or even ‘I can’t sell it, I can’t even get into it… I’ve lost the key!’. (Trust me when I say, I’ve heard it all!)

Rutland Minis promises to show interest in any Classic Mini, be it: Austin, Morris, British Leyland, or Rover, we don’t mind what badge it has as long as it is a old mini!

Let’s discuss your Mini

The Rutland Minis team is built from long-established Mini connoisseurs that specialises in buying old cars. Our owner, David Briant visits every customer personally as (with just a few years to go to retirement!) he has a wealth of knowledge and advice to share and is determined to keep the good name of Rutland Minis flourishing.

Contact David on 07533 488682 for an informal chat about the car you are considering selling, he will ask you a few questions about the vehicle and will probably ask if it is possible for you to send a few pictures through. If that is not possible don’t worry. If the car is of interest (it probably will be!) and our valuations are similar, we will arrange a date and time to view the car.

This is a collaborative process, we will look at the car with you and hear its story. If we can arrange a mutually agreed selling price we will immediately send you £200 by bank transfer, with the remaining balance being paid 24 hours prior to collection. Upon collection, our transport company will arrive and take the car away at a convenient time for you.

Selling a Non-Running Old Mini

Naturally, if your car does not run it may make it harder for you to sell; if you advertise privately, will the interested party have the facility to actually move and transport the car? In our experience this just leads to hassle and upset. At Rutland Minis, we have both the experience and equipment to move a car that has been sitting quietly and patiently for decades.

Rutland Minis are also interested in purchasing any car that is older than 30 years old, so please don’t just offer the car for disposal, we would relish the opportunity to view the vehicle and will certainly offer a better price. We are specialists in older model cars and in all honestly, our passion for them rules the roost; we will appreciate the true value of your car regardless of its condition

Selling your car privately

So, here is a guide on how to sell a classic Mini (this format would at least attract us)! If you would like us to value your car, please click through to our contact page

Core Information

  • Make and Model
  • Colour
  • Year of Manufacture
  • MOT Expiry Date
  • Available Service History
  • Transmission type
  • Current mileage
  • Number of owners
  • V5 (Log Book) Present


Walk around the car and note any imperfections, be totally (and brutally) honest. Then write a description detailing as much about the Classic Mini as you consider relevant. Prepare and plan your advert, ensure that all obvious details are included. Keep to the point; your potential buyer is purely concerned in getting value for his or her money.

Good Points

Here you detail all the accessories and all the plus points about you car, examples being: new parts, recent panel changes etc. Mention here any service history details, the amount of old MOT certificates you have to support mileage etc.

Bad Points

In this section mention faults, such as rust and where it is located and any mechanical faults. Be honest, buyers tend to get rather irritated if the door bottoms are full of rust and you failed to mention it. Always mention oil leaks!!


Write a short synopsis to sell a Classic Mini, detailing your location, price, availability of viewing and anything else relevant such as a willingness to accept part exchanges. Remove any personal stickers such as your favourite football team, and any risky slogans on the back window.


Taking long distance shots are a waste of time, focus on the car, not the landscape. A picture tells a thousand words.

When looking to sell a Classic Mini, take pictures of all four sides of the car and any areas that you feel will sell the car such as interior, engine bay and boot floor. If the floor pans are totally rust free – take a picture. If you mention in the description that there is rust under the scuttle, show it in the photos. Also we recommend you take pictures of the “usual Mini rust areas”. Allow a minimum 12 pictures to sell a car quickly.

Accessories & Modifications

Do not expect to get money back on Sports seats, alloy wheels, over the top I.C.E installations and whatever else that you have fitted to your car. Your personal taste in accessorising you car may not be to everybody’s taste. Resprays- no matter how good they are, will not enhance values if in some weird and wonderful colour such as hot pink. Of course, you may find a buyer that totally loves your modifications, but don’t hold your breath.

Consider Your Ideal Buyer

In our experience, road legal Minis are being purchased mainly by the following groups;-

First time car owners that probably have been driving for a short period of time, thus insurance is a real issue. These are the 998cc buyers, and the car ideally needs to be standard

Mid 30’s group who previously owned a Mini 10 / 15 years ago and can now afford a second car – These people will buy Coopers, and larger engined minis and be looking to pay top money for a car that is near perfect.

The hardcore group, Plus 40 that are looking for a Series 1 and have budgets in excess of £10,000


Be realistic; look at Autotrader, Pistonheads and dealer sites. Online auction sites are subject to so much “alternative” bidding and it is hard to know if cars are actually selling and making the advertised selling price.

Whilst specialist forums are an excellent resource for selling any item, they do offer a fairly limited audience, continually going BUMP must surely tell you something? So if you’re struggling to sell a old mini, start marketing in other marketplaces.

What Do Potential Buyers Look For?

In the main, originality and standard specification. I cannot remember ever being asked to source a modified mini! If your car is subject to union jack door cards, sports seats etc consider putting the car back to standard before offering the buyer the option to purchase. Accessories make more money when sold on their own in our experience.

Most people realise that finding a Mini that has never been welded or painted is virtually impossible, but they do expect wing gaps to be correct, doors to fit correctly etc. Ensure that any welding in the boot floor / floor pans is neat and tidy. So when you’re looking to sell a classic mini that has had the odd plate welded in, clean off the underseal, grind down the welds and prime and paint in body colour. Clear the boot out, a 5-litre water container tells me the car uses water!