Classic Mini Prices, what are they really worth?

Classic Minis are now becoming a collector’s cars. At this current time, the market view by some is that regardless of condition every Classic Mini is worth thousands. This is not the case.

Rusty examples, with a multitude of previous owners, little or no MOT, no significant service history are worth a few hundred pounds. The online auction websites will confirm that statement, see the completed listings! Whilst parts are in the main fairly cheap, the labour costs are not! 8 hours labour in an average garage these days exceeds £400, it soon adds up when carrying out integrate welding and painting tasks.

Automatic Classic Minis

These have always been a conundrum to us, usually low mileage, bodywork way up on average but regrettably not that sought after. Why, I hear you ask?

Classic Mini buyers come from two distinct groups, firstly young drivers, 17 – 25 who see that a retro car is cool, they are absolutely right! They are investing there hard earned cash in a car that will appreciate in value if looked after. Would a Ka, Corsa, Saxo offer the same benefit? .. We think Not …. but the vast majority of these buyers pass there test with the option to drive a manual car. Mini automatics are slower and if the auto transmission fails you are looking at a £2000 repair bill.

The second group of buyers is ladies buying a Mini as a fun car (some husbands are so generous girls!), traditionally had a Mini when they were teenagers and want to re live the Mini experience. I hate to say it, Mini automatics were bought by the older lady.. & gentleman!

What Minis make big bucks?

Well anything that has external door hinges and has “Cooper” on its boot and bonnet! base models like the City and then the Sprite need to be really special to make anything over £2500. The buyers are a picky breed and like to see high specification cars for there money. The later limited editions like the Mini 30, British Open Classic are still very wanted as are the Pick ups and vans.

What affects the value of my mini?

Bodywork condition is the key, rust is expensive to repair, paint bubbling is the metal corroding, so unless your car is absolutely perfect consider its value carefully, a base model car like a Sprite or a City will never realise big bucks. Feel free to call us and discuss what Mini you have to sell.