Classic Mini – A guide to values and restoration costs

People contact Rutland Minis regularly and ask: what a Mini will cost to buy? and What is my Mini worth? 

Classic Minis are now valued purely on condition of the bodywork, and variant, certain limited editions are highly favoured. Whilst the parts are not expensive, the labour to fit them is.

Example Prices of Panels (Ex VAT)

Front wing – £82.00
Scuttle – £100.00
Front Panel – £70.00 upwards
Sills – £25.00
A panels – £20.00

So to purchase both front wings, both A panels, scuttle and the front panel will cost around £390 + VAT, labour to fit – allow 30 hours at say £50 per hour equates to £1500, then allow a further £1300 for painting. That totals up in excess of £3200.00. Therefore, you will appreciate Minis that have been restored to this standard command such high prices, whilst cars that are suffering from rust on these panels are valued considerably less.

Example valuation – Mini Cooper (1997 – 2000)

We are currently being offered several of these later cars at the moment, in most cases rust has started to form on the windscreen scuttle, door skins, A panels and on the front panel under the headlights.

TOTALLY MINT* – £5,000 +

AVERAGE** – £2250

BELOW AVERAGE*** – £1000

POOR**** – £600


* – A fully restored or a rust free original example without any rust or mechanical imperfections, low mileage (under 5K per year) and full documented service history

** – A clean usable car with average mileage that may have minor mechanical issues ( Not gearbox crunching when selecting 2nd gear). Most panels are free from corrosion, car to have at least 8 months MOT.

*** – Rusty on door skins, A panels, sills, scuttle and front panel, ideally requiring major restoration works.

**** – A highly corroded example, excessive corrosion and probably beyond economic repair, ideal for parts