Classic Mini Limited Edition Page

Below, are the plethora of Limited Edition Minis produced (in the main) by Rover to try and compete in the ‘small car’ market and maintain market share. Some of these limited editions were well received; such as the Mini 30 with its part leather seats, the British Open Classic was also favoured with its huge electric sun roof.

Models such as the Rose (with a pink roof) and the Sidewalk (with tartan interior), were not so popular!

Whatever model it may be, Rutland Minis would be keen buyers of your old Mini; regardless whether the car is really rusty and has been stored away for years and years! To us, it has value! Also, you might be surprised how much we offer for it! As specialists in these old Minis we are determined to keep as many on the road.

Classic Mini Models:

1976 Mini 1000 Special LE
1983 Mini Sprite
1984 Mini 25
1985 Mini Ritz 1992 Mini
1986 Mini (The) Chelsea
1986 Mini Piccadilly
1987 Mini Park Lane
1987 Mini Advantage
1988 Mini Red Hot/Jet Black
1988 Mini Designer
1989 Mini Racing/Flame/Sky/Rose
1989 Mini 30
1990 Mini Racing Green/Flame Red/Checkmate
1990 Rover Special Products (RSP) Mini Cooper
1990 Mini Studio 2
1991 Mini Neon
1992 Mini British Open Classic
1992 Mini (The) Italian Job
1993 Mini Rio
1993 Mini Tahiti
1994 Mini 35
1994 Mini Cooper Monte Carlo
1995 Mini Sidewalk
1996 Mini Cooper 35
1996 Mini Equinox
1998 Paul Smith Mini
1998 Mini Cooper Sport LE
1999 John Cooper LE
2000 Mini Classic Seven
2000 Mini Classic Cooper
2000 Mini Classic Cooper Sport

The original Mini design team, headed by Sir Alec Issigonis, were given a brief to develop the smallest possible car that would still comfortably accommodate four adults and luggage. Issigonis conceived a box measuring 10 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet of which 80% should be given over to passengers and luggage; however, this left only 2 feet for the engine. To accomplish this, Issigonis used very small, 10″ wheels, and an all-independent suspension. However, the real masterstroke was his idea of employing a transverse engine, which drove the front wheels via a gearbox and a final drive built into the sump of the engine.

The resulting packaging and handling characteristics took the world by storm and following Mini’s lead, the majority of modern cars utilise the principles of front wheel drive with transverse mounted engines.

If anyone owns any of these Limited Editions, why not send us a few pictures and a resume on the car so we can add them to our pages