Rutland Minis – Classic Mini Dealers

The founders of Rutland Minis are Classic Mini specialists through and through and have been for the last 30 years. We tell it exactly as we see it… We will tell you whether a car is a total rust-bucket and similarly, if a car is in mint condition.

Rutland Minis buys and sells all types of minis, some are perfect, others are not; however, whichever car catches your eye, we promise that you’ll receive a totally fair report on the car. There will be the occasional offer to purchase a restoration project vehicle; however, these cars will only sold due to a limitation of space at our premises. In the main, we offer cars that may not be quite concours, but represent excellent value for money and have a good few years left in them.

As Classic Mini dealers, we are keen buyers of any used or old mini and will offer a true market value for a car. Any Mini-enthusiast just hates to think of these classics being broken for spares; so, please reach out before you go down this route! These cars are part of our British Heritage, and so we encourage restoration rather than scrapping.

We offer full workshop facilities covering all mechanical works such as: subframe replacement, welding, repainting, panel replacement, accident repair and full nut and bolt restorations.

Mechanical services include: MOT preparation, injection diagnostics, hydrolastic re-pumping, servicing and general fault finding.

We offer valuations to the motor trade, private individuals and for probate purposes.