What to expect when buying a Classic Mini on a budget

We have written this page to give you a broad idea on what you can expect for your money when buying a classic / old mini on a budget. 

Gone are the days when you could buy a half decent Mini for a couple of hundred pounds. 


Classic Mini Under £1,000

This is project money for a car produced 1985>, it is going to need full refurbishing definitely bodywork wise and you can probably expect a level of mechanical issues. At this price it is very unlikely the car will have a current MOT. To make the finished car commercially viable you will need to be able to carry out the work yourself.


Classic Mini Under £2,000

As the price creeps nearer to top budget, expect a few months MOT on a 1990> car, the car should drive OK with no major issues, the paintwork should be presentable and not massively corroded, but expect rust in the usual Mini places. The car may be modified and had previous welding work that hopefully is to a decent standard. 


Classic Mini Under £3,000

At this money expect a full years MOT on cars produced 1985>, mechanically sound and definitely no crunching when you change gears.  Minor rust  may be evident, bottom of the doors, A panels but certainly nothing structural. The older cars from the late 1970’s and 1980’s  are now in reach. Remember cars that are over 40 years old are tax and MOT exempt  and thus sell for a premium. The older the car is, lower your expectation levels on faded paintwork and minor corrosion issues. At this budget early cars might be within reach but will require full restoration


Classic Mini Under £4,000

We are now in the realms of buying a decent Mini that is capable of being a daily driver, expect cars up to 1995, the later Mpi cars whilst they appear to suffer from corrosion are highly valued as they come with leather seating and often are Sportspack models. Personally I would look for the best example you can find that is or nearly 40 years old. Early Mark 1 cars will be obtainable but still requiring a fair amount of work.


Classic Mini Under £5,000

Expect as above, but I would be expecting a sizable history portfolio and mileage that can be verified and not too excessive. Corrosion if any should be very minimal.