Mini Mayfair 1993, 1380cc under 31000 miles warranted

This is a three owner car, the current owner purchased it from his father in law (a Reverend) who in turn purchased it from the current owners grandfather who was a knight of the realm. Grand dad used to have his chauffeur drive it! The mileage is warranted at a kiss under 31,000. We have an extensive service history
It started life as a Mini Mayfair 1275cc Automatic. in 2015 the car came to us, with (unsurprisingly) auto transmission problems at 26,000 miles. To cut a long story short the current owner decided he wanted “a sleeper” so MED were employed to build a fast road engine 1380 cc, the cost of this was over £6,000 we added castor and camber kits both front and rear, upgraded shockers, changed the original wheels from 12” to 10” added upgraded Cooper S disc brakes.  Wheels are reverse rim shod with Yokohama tyres. The suspension was fully set up on specialist alignment equipment and the car was rolling road tuned.  It goes like a scolded cat with road holding to match the performance.
The car his due to be on American soil in December
Price upon Application