Bodywork / Restoration Services we offer at Rutland Minis

We are specialists in all restoration works on Minis and on older Ford, Triumph, Jaguar, VW cars to name a few and aim to make the finished product as near to factory finish as possible. If the factory spot welded particular panels we do the same. We insist on seeing every car prior to quotation even if it involves us coming to you. It is so frustrating to send a car for restoration and the costs continue to spiral out of budget. In some cases it is better to go and buy a car that has been previously restored or if you are really lucky totally original.


We have mig, tig and spot welders at our disposal, we do not weld plates to any Minis just to satisfy MOT standards ( that are likely to change shortly anyway) a boot floor that is corroded for example, we will cut all the corroded metal out, create a plate that is exactly the same size and butt weld it in, we will dress the weld and paint it in body colour. This will virtually be invisible and will last the test of time. Be aware rusty metal that is plated over will not last 12 months before the corrosion spreads in a dramatic fashion!

Painting and Respraying a Classic Mini

As the Classic Mini was introduced in 1959 and the last car rolled off the production line in Year 2000, paint techniques changed along the way. We always endeavour to match the paint material with the original, be it cellulose, or 2k basecoat and laquer. We will advise what we feel will give the best finish. All our resprays are carried out once the car is totally stripped, no glass, no interior and no overspray anywhere!

Replacement Panel Choice – Heritage or Pattern?

The original factory panel presses were purchased by BMH (British Motor Heritage), and they continue to manufacture virtually every panel for a Classic Mini. As with all makes of car panels these are often produced by other company’s who “copy” the original design, these are referred to as “pattern parts”. Close to the original, they are for sure, a perfect fit? .. rarely

We insist that all panels that we fit to our customer’s car are heritage sourced. In some instances this may incur a waiting time.

Protecting your Classic Mini from rust

Every car that we restore or sell has the aroma of Waxoyl, we make no apologies for the smell, but we consider this product protects your car better than any other product on the market.