We are keen buyers of all Classic Minis regardless of condition, we are currently seeking any early Mini 850 / 1000 / Cooper / Clubman 1959 – 2000, condition is irrelevant, if you have one of these cars either call us on 07533 488682 or complete this form.

We are especially looking for old cars that have been languishing in garages for many years that we would be able to purchase and restore. Over the years we have restored many old style minis that we have been offered, we feel it is now even more important to keep as many Classic Minis on the road, we are appalled how many of the remaining cars are broken for spares to give a “quick buck return”

This I bought new in 1989, a Mini 30. Only 3,000 were produced to commemorate thirty years of Mini production. Remains today as a very collectable limited edition Mini. Leather seats, alloy wheels, lush red carpet, and was fitted with a Philips R570 radio cassette system. This one started life as a standard 998cc, it was then upgraded to a 1380cc engine and saw action around the Nurburgring in Germany

We always offer a realistic valuation whatever the condition of your car and offer a hassle free service. we can collect throughout the UK. Read our guide on how to sell a classic mini for more information on selling an old mini and how to get the best price.

What we offer for the Classic Mini owner

Our workshop can undertake dent removal through to major restoration projects, we can even convert your automatic mini to a manual mini! At Rutland Minis we cover all aspects of mechanical and bodywork issues including servicing, MOT preparation, resprays, panel replacement, injection diagnostics, disc brake upgrades. gearbox rebuilding and welding just as long as your car is a Classic Mini!

A brief Classic Mini overview

Produced from 1959 to 2000 over 5,000,000 minis were manufactured, today we wonder how many are left? Rutland Minis are proud to source and often restore quality minis. We are continually looking to buy cars, vans, clubmans, pick ups, coopers and estate variants. We currently have numerous clients looking for hopefully what you want to sell!

The classic Mini in the main is a fair weather car, many people only take their Minis out during the summer months for organised rallies and shows. During the summer values appear to increase, well the asking prices certainly do! During autumn and winter values seem to ease slightly, so this is an ideal time to start looking for your new classic mini. We must add the desirable Limited Edition Minis are still very popular, especially the 30, British Open Classic with its full length electric sunroof. The market for vans, pick ups and mokes has increased dramatically over recent years, probably due to their rarity. Automatic minis continue to be worth considerably less than there manual counterparts. The last of the classic minis were the cars fitted with the Multi Point Injected engines (1997 – 2000), these cars are sought after, especially models that are the Sportspack variants with the 13″ wheels and larger wheel arches. Unfortunately these cars do suffer heavily with corrosion and thus values on these will range dramatically.

Classic Car Restoration

We also restore other classic cars such as early Ford’s, Austin, Triumph, VW. Morris MG to name just a few. We are currently restoring a Ford Escort XR3i. See our Classic Car Restoration page

In our For Sale section you will see the few cars we have on offer, we drive all our minis for at least 200 miles and we describe the car to the last detail. Many cars we sell are sold purely on the pictures and our written description and so we do tend to over describe!We try and cater for all requirements and budgets, we continually source cars that will make excellent project cars, these are cars that may need work to make perfect but way to good to consider breaking for parts. Every vehicle we buy in is thoroughly checked to ensure its a viable restoration project. Many of these cars we restore ourselves, so a bargain can be had if you are a capable mechanic / bodywork technician. Other cars are solid minis that whilst not concourse condition are a brilliant daily drive. Then finally we always have two or three cars that have been fully restored that are ready to be loved and cherished by their new owners.Whatever old style Mini you are looking for, we are confident we can find one for you. As a company we prefer original cars, we are not keen buyers of cars that have been subject to engine and body modifications.We try and keep a few standard 998 classic minis in stock, these are an ideal choice as a first car, low insurance, economical and do not suffer from horrendous depreciation as do most modern cars. If a classic Mini is looked after it will be an appreciating asset. So it is important to Love your Mini!